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Magic Stone is good at designing and manufacturing different kinds of abstract sculpture. Our abstract sculptures can be made with granite, marble and any other natural stone. Carved stone abstract sculpture show tension and change within the natural world, and can show the owner’s fashionable and unique tastes.

From this website, you can find many options for pretty and special stone-made abstract sculptures. Including: fat lady sculpture, antique stone carving, nude woman sculpture, modern stone sculpture, garden statue sculptures, man and woman statue, granite nude sculpture, art stone sculpture, abstract modern sculptures, etc.

Customized designs are available and welcomed. You just need to email us the photo, drawing or picture of your design, and then we can make your dream come true. For customized designs, our skilled workers carve every inch of the product according to the customer’s request.

Magic Stone will respect customer’s copyrights of their design. We will not make the same design for other clients unless we get the customer’s permission. Actually, the most natural stone abstract sculptures we have made are customized orders. We will not show pictures of those works on our website to avoid being copied. We will show them in some password-protected galleries later, each esteemed client will have the rights to visit their specific gallery. Magic Stone offers every customer the best service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and let Magic Stone make your drawings (or projects) become reality. We eagerly await your emails.