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Stone Buddhist Statue and Human Statue is an important part of ancient Chinese Stone sculpture with rich and diversified design art. In about the period between the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties, Buddhism began to be introduced into China. The Buddhist art of India, absorbed, assimilated and recreated by Chinese artists and folk craftsmen, was gradually evolved into the Stone Buddhist art of distinguished Chinese characteristics.

Magic Stone industry Co., Ltd, supply all kinds of granite & marble human statue, Buddhist statue, bodhisattva statue, Roman sculptures, Greek statues, woman sculpture, small Buddha figurine, Tai buddha statue, laughing buddha, nude statue of man and woman, child figurine, angle statue, cherubs stone statue, etc. Magic stone manufacture the most human statue and Buddhist statue in factory which located in Quyang. Quyang Carvings generally use white marble, granite, jade and depict scenes and figures of Buddha statues, fountains, animals and folk stories. Magic Stone supply natural stone carvings, figurine, statues, sculptures with lifelike craftsmanship.

Quyang was praised as the "Hometown of Carving". Some stone sculptures was carved in Quyang since the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534), such as stone tigers, stone lions and figures of Buddha and human, are elegant and rotund. Quyang became the cradle and center of the white marble carving trade in North China. Sculptors who worked in Magic Stone’s factory, have incorporated embossment, enchasing with modern anatomy, clairvoyance and aesthetics in carving, creating elegant and vivid works that are at once both new and natural, with profound artistic conceptions.