Quartzite Culture Stone,Quartzite wall cladding


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Quartzite Culture Stone are widely used for wall decoration because of its beautiful and natural appearance. Magic Stone Industry Co., Ltd export big amount Quartzite Culture Stone tiles to US, Canada, and many Europe countries all the year round. Custom-fabricated Quartzite Culture Stone offer a textured appearance and represent an economical form of stone wall cladding. Quartzite Culture Stone are irregular “bricks” used as masonry stone.

 Quartzite wall cladding has become a popular construction material for both commercial and residential exterior applications. In high demand due to its natural beauty, performance characteristics, low maintenance, and durability, Quartzite Culture Stone is extremely hard, unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles, naturally slip resistant and unfading. Magic Stone produce these quartzite culture stones for wall cladding purposes in custom sizes and offer several finishes and designs.

 The permanence of a cultural stone wall tile is a cost effect option, in long run. Quartzite Culture Stone wall cladding is durable and easy to be maintained. Its combination of hardness and beauty also make it a choice for commercial applications as well as the home. Magic Stone can supply different Quartzite Culture Stone color: Black, Pink, Grey , Green , Yellow etc. The Quartzite can be made with tiles, strips, mushroom stone , flagstone etc .

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